care create conserve

About Us

Rakata Team is ITB Delegation for Shell Eco Marathon Asia. Shell Eco-marathon is a unique competition that challenges students around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car. With three annual events in Asia, Americas and Europe, student teams take to the track to see who goes further on the least amount of fuel.The competition is split into two classes or categories. The Prototype class focuses on maximum efficiency, while passenger comfort takes a back seat. The Urban Concept class encourages more practical designs. Rakata Team is one of the prototype class ethanol powered participant in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia.

The name Rakata is taken from one of the island in the Krakatoa, one remaining active volcanic island after eruption of Krakatoa. Rakata team has slogan Care, Create, Conserve. This is the core of every work we do. Environmental concerns have invited many people to speak out about, but actually not many people are really create or do something to protect the environment and make it harmony with human life. It also required a willingness to conserve things that are important for human life, such as energy, food, forests and water, to protect it from excessive use which would damage the environment. Our hope is to become part of an effort to realize all that, and able to inspire others to do better than us.


Our Objectives

To Raise awareness regarding transportation and mobility issues in Indonesia.
To Apply classroom knowledge in order to build an eco friendly vehicle.
To Promote smarter mobility & alternative energy in Indonesia.
To Encourage other students to experiment and find solutions regarding transportation and mobility issues in Indonesia.
To bring our nation and university in international competition.


Today’s energy resources depletion is big challenges for all mankind. All effort to minimize this energy use in society, is the first thing must be done by all of us, this is where the smarter mobility play their role. The new resource of energy as alternative must be developed to increase our nation energy resistance, and to face increase of energy demand due to economic development in our society.


One of the alternative energy is ethanol. Ethanol fuel is a gasoline alternative that is manufactured from the conversion of carbon based feed stocks such as sugar cane, sugar beets, switch grass, corn, and barley. It is a renewable energy and it produces less emission gas than fossil fuel.


Rakata Team is one of the prototype class ethanol powered participant in Shell Eco Marathon Asia. We want to raise awareness, so that people will convert to renewable energy in the future.