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Rakata Competition 2020
Rakata Competition 2020

Rakata Competition 2020

In the end of 2020, We held two competitions, Essay Competition and Creative Video Competition. Both of competitions brought the same theme. It’s all about energy. The reason why we held these competitions, we wanted to raise awareness that the earth is in crisis. Both in the environmental crisis and the scarcity of  energy resources. So we need to think the innovation and solution to prevent earth destruction’s.

The specific theme for Essay Competition is “Innovation for transportation and Solution for Renewable Energy”. Although this is the first time we held this kind of event, there was so many enthusiast. Around 234 participants, they competed to be the best.

Finally, in January 24th 2021, we had the winner! The first winner is from OPB Team, the second winner is from TMT Team, and the third winner is from Cakrawala Team. If you want to read about their essay, you can click these link below

We hope that our dreams for our earth will come true. Congratulations for the winner!

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