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Rakata 2021: Our Journey
Rakata 2021: Our Journey

Rakata 2021: Our Journey

We officially started our journey in January 2020 with some new members from various major such as Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Material Engineering, and Bioenergy and Chemurgy Engineering. Unfortunately, 2 months after that, we had to stay at home because of the pandemic but Covid-19 didn’t stop us to work. So, around March until December we moved our car to one of the member’s home.

We also held an virtual event called “Open Cam Unit (OCU) Rakata Team ITB” to introduce our team to new ITB students. The event was fun and interactive.

In October, our team was invited as a speaker at “Numpang-Nampang” RRI Bandung. Well, those who attended the event were Alexander Fernando as a team manager and Dian Afif as a head of electric division. During one hour, we discussed a lot about Rakata such as what is Rakata? What are we doing in here? How do we raise funds? and so on.

In November we held a webinar named Rakatalks #1: How to get a job in Formula 1. Through this webinar we’d like to share how to start and build careers in automotive industry especially in Formula 1. Also, we hope this event could be a place to share experience and information related to automotive industry. We invited Stephanus Widjanarko, trackside engineer Formula 1 as a keynote speaker.

In the same month, we also held two virtual workshops about problem solving and project management with Gabriella Hartono and Faishal Nararia as keynote speaker. These workshops was really insightful and helped us to manage our team

In the early of December, we got the best results in KMHE 2020 with 4 champion streaks in a range of criteria. Our hard work has finally paid off!

January 2021, we started our year with Rakatalks #2: Suistainable Energy for Transportation and Rakata Competition. These events has 200++ participants from various university in Indonesia. (you can check this in another post :)) )

We closed our period with joyful experience because we got the 2nd place in the Data Telemetry Award Shell Eco Marathon 2021. Big thanks to our team and all the support we got!

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